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TimeOff Downloads

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit) compatible.
At least 512MB of memory.
At least 15MB of disk space to store your data and for the program itself.

TimeOff Administrator —
Version 2.8.7

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TimeOff Administrator is the main TimeOff program.

TimeOff Employee —
Version 2.8.7

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TimeOff Employee is module you will need for Employee only access to TimeOff data. Download this module if you want to install Timeoff on all your employee's desktops, but only want them to have access to their own information.

TimeOff ClearLock —
Utility (version 2.8 and up)

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TimeOff ClearLock —
Utility (version 2.0-2.7.1)

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If you are receiving a message stating that a record is locked, and you are the only user in TimeOff, then download and run the ClearLock module. This utility will clear the locks on all records in TimeOff.
Note: No one can be using TimeOff when you execute this utility.

TimeOff NetCheck —

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If TimeOff displays a message that you need to run the NetCheck utility (to help prevent data loss and corruption) then download and run this module. The utility will check various Windows Registry settings on your computer to ensure they are set correctly to prevent data corruption or loss when accessing TimeOff data files over a network. These changes should not affect your network access and have been recommended by Microsoft. Specific information about the changes can be found by clicking on the Details button when you start the NetCheck utility.
Note: If any changes are made, you will be asked to reboot your computer before they can take effect.


Data Import/Export Add-ins

xBase(DBF) Support —
Version 2.02

Download Now
Download this TimeOff add-in if you need to import or export data to an xBase type file (dBase, Foxpro, etc.).


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