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TimeCard Standard

Benefits include...
Up to 36 different Time Off Reasons
  Define up to 36 different Reasons why an employee was not at work and track each Reason for all employees.
Company Defined Policy for Earning Benefits
  Each Time Off Reason can have its own company policy for how employees earn the hours.
User defined Rounding of Hours Worked
  Hours worked can be rounded based on a user selected option from the nearest half-hour to the nearest minute.
Gross Wage Calculations
  If wage information is entered, TimeCard will calculate gross wages for the hours worked.
Multiple Users
  More than one user can access TimeCard at the same time. Just install the data files in a shared folder.
Reporting by Department
  When each employee is assigned to a Department, reports can be generated for all employees within the department by selecting just that department.
Flexible Reporting Periods
  Just enter the beginning and ending dates to generate reports for any time period.
Data Import and Export
  TimeCard can import and export data in a variety of formats to make it easier to share information with other software systems.

TimeCard Plus

Includes all of the benefits of TimeCard Standard plus these additional benefits...
Up to 4 sets of Punch In/Out Times
  For those times when employees have more than the standard 2 sets.
Shift Indicator for Each Work Day
  Work days can be marked as 1st shift, 2nd shift, or 3rd shift, and each day can be different.
Wage Differential for 2nd and 3rd Shift
  For gross wage calculations, a shift differential can be added as either a per hour or per shift bonus for 2nd and 3rd shifts.
Multiple Overtime Policies
  You can assign different overtime policies to different employees.
User Defined Employee Data Fields
  If there are additional pieces of information you wish to capture about each employee, TimeCard Plus allows you to add 10 new fields of your description to Employee data stored.

TimeCard Pricing

TimeCard Standard
  1 User - $99.95 2 or more Users - $89.95 each
TimeCard Plus
  1 User - $149.95 2 or more Users - $129.95 each
Upgrade from TimeCard Standard to TimeCard Plus
  1 User - $50.00 2 or more Users - $40.00 (each user)  


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