Employee Absence & Leave Time Tracking

TimeOff Software

  • Easy, fast and accurate
  • Manage and track employee absences
  • Manage and track any & all types of leave time: vacation, sick, personal, holiday, military, jury duty & more
  • Easily track both available and used benefit hours
  • Use your own time off reasons
  • Use your own leave accrual rules
  • Use your own holiday list
  • Month-at-a-glance absence calendar
  • Reports for time off taken, balances, benefit policies, calendars & more
  • Quick data backup & restore
  • Runs on Windows™ 7 & Vista, Windows™ XP & 2000

TimeOff Software is fast and easy to use. With a straight-forward layout, easy-to-follow menus and easy-to-use screens, learning TimeOff is a piece of cake. TimeOff is designed to be flexible and work how you work, so using TimeOff will make your job easier. With drag-and-drop data entry, keeping up with employee absences is quick and painless.

Manage and track all kinds of leave (benefits). TimeOff was written to allow businesses to track and manage all kinds of leave and benefit hours. With setup windows, you define what is needed for your business and employees. TimeOff has a comprehensive Benefit Wizard to make setting up your benefit policies as simple as possible.

TimeOff Software can be used by one person, or by many people. With TimeOff, you can use the software however you like. It can be installed on only one computer, with only one person having access - or multiple people can have access. You can also install TimeOff on many networked computers.

Each different person using TimeOff can have a different level of access. For instance, each supervisor could handle their employees information. Or perhaps you might allow each employee to see (and possibly enter) their own data. And administrators could do everything. TimeOff's built-in security is flexible and easy to manage.

For installing TimeOff on multiple computers, please see the Price/Buy TimeOff information page.

Reports for everything. You can create a Time Off Taken report, which prints out all the time off entries for selected employees for any date range, in detail and summary formats. The Month Calendar report lists time off entries in calendar format for easy reference. The Time Off Balances report shows benefit (leave) hours taken, earned, and the remaining balance for any point in time. And there are many more reports, each with multiple options.


Help when you need it. Although the software is straight-forward and intuitive, sometimes a person needs a little hand.

  • To help you get started, there is a Quick Start Tutorial on the website and in the TimeOff Help file.
  • This website also has a list of Frequently Asked Questions, which includes detailed examples for setting up your benefits and leave policies.
  • The software includes a comprehensive Help file written in plain English.
  • You will be sent a printed Users Manual after you purchase TimeOff.
  • Technical Support is available via email, telephone and fax.

Latest features:

  • Add a comment to any entry
  • Ability to select multiple days when adding a time off entry
  • Ability to create more than one policy for each benefit
  • Allows multi-user access with different security levels
  • Import and Export capabilities
  • Available in TimeOff version 2.x & higher

Try TimeOff Software for free. Download the trial version and you can start using TimeOff software in your business today. You will have unlimited use of the software for 45 days, at no charge. You can purchase the software whenever you like, and any data you entered during the trial period will stay available.

TimeOff Purchase methods. To buy TimeOff and unlock the trial version right away, you can buy now with a credit card. Or, if you prefer, you can buy TimeOff via mail, phone or FAX. For more information, please see Price/Buy TimeOff.