TimeOff Software
Quick Start Tutorial

How to get started with TimeOff - the Basics

  1. Enter Time Off Reasons

    Enter information about the reasons your employees will be absent.

  2. Enter your Benefit (Leave) Policies

    Use the Policy Wizard to enter information about how employees at your company earn benefit hours (such as vacation).

  3. Enter Company Wide Days Off (Holiday Calendar)

    Enter company wide days off, like holidays, by adding entries to the Global TimeOff screen.

  4. Enter Your Departments

    Enter information about each of your departments. This will allow you to print reports by department as well as by employee.

  5. Add Your Employees

    Enter information about your employees, and assign them to a department. Add the current number of benefit hours each employee has, so that TimeOff can correctly calculate how many hours the employee will have available.

  6. Enter Time Off

    Now you are ready to enter time off. Select the employee and reason, and drag the reason to the calendar on the main screen. It's that simple. At the bottom of the screen TimeOff will show you just how many hours of each time off reason the employee has taken this year, how many benefit hours they have available, and the balance.

  7. Reporting

    TimeOff has a number of reports to help you use the data you entered, including...

    • Time Off Taken Report Prints all time off entries for the selected employees or for all employees in the selected departments, for the selected calendar year (in detail and summary formats).
    • Month Calendar Report Prints all time off entries for employees of the selected department or departments for the selected calendar month and year in a calendar format.
    • Time Off Balances Report Prints the hours taken, hours available, and the hours remaining (as of the current date) for all time off reasons for the selected employees or for all employees in the selected departments.
    • Month at a Glance Report
    • Benefit Policy Information Report
    • Employee Information Report
    • Department Information Report