Download TimeOff Software

TimeOff Administrator Download
If trying or using only one copy of TimeOff, this is the version you need. Administrator is the main TimeOff program, and allows you to maintain all types of information (such as Employees, Time Off Reasons, Benefit Policies, etc.) as well as entering and updating Time Off entries for all employees.
TimeOff Employee Download
The Employee version allows a user to access only their own Time Off information. Get this version to install TimeOff on your employees computers, but limit their access to only their own information.
Data Import/Export Add-ins Download
Download this TimeOff add-in if you want to import or export data to an xBase type file (dBase, Foxpro, etc).

Free 45-Day Trial

When you download and install TimeOff Administrator or TimeOff Employee software, you have 45 days to try it for free. You can use all the features of the software, without any limits, for 45 days.

Any data you enter in the software will remain even when the trial period expires (as long as you don't delete the data files or uninstall the software). When you buy the software and enter your registration key, all the data you have previously entered will still be there waiting for you.

Remove 45-Day Trial Limit

To remove the 45-day trial limit, simply purchase the software, which you can do via credit card, fax, mail or email.

When your payment is received and processed, a registration code will be sent to you via email. Enter the registration code into the software, and the 45-day limit will be removed.

After your purchase, you will also be sent a printed User's Manual and software CD via regular mail.

Version 2.7.1