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TimeOff Administrator
If buying only one copy of TimeOff, get the "1 User" version below. An Administrator license allows you to maintain all types of information (such as Employees, Time Off Reasons, Benefit Policies, etc.) as well as entering and updating Time Off entries for all employees. It is the main program, you must have at least one Administrator license to run TimeOff.
1 User $99.95 Buy Now
Additional Users * $89.95 each Buy Now
TimeOff Employee
An Employee license allows a user to access only their own Time Off information. Get this if you want to install TimeOff on all your employees computers, but want to limit their access to only their own information.
License Pack *
(Up to 10 users)
$90.00 Buy Now
TimeOff for Non-Profit Institutions
Contact for Non-Profit pricing
* Note: You will need your current Activation Key when purchasing Additional Licenses for TimeOff. Your TimeOff Activation Key can be found by selecting the About TimeOff... option from the TimeOff Help menu (not the Help button).
Other Payment Methods Software Registration,
Users Manual & CD
  • Phone (US only) and FAX Ordering
    To order by fax or by toll-free telephone number, click on the appropriate "Buy Now" link above. Then fill out the order information, but do not enter your credit card information. Then click on the "Checkout" button. You will be prompted with the number to call or fax to complete your order.
  • Check or Purchase Order
    Fill out the Registration Form and send it to:
    Regular Mail:  Mycroft Computing
    PO Box 12101
    Baltimore, MD 21281
    FAX:  410-732-2492
  • Software Registration
    When you purchase TimeOff with a credit card, you will receive an email immediately after the purchase with your software registration key. When purchased via Mail or FAX, you will be emailed your software registration key after the order is processed.
  • User Manual and CD
    When you purchase TimeOff, you will receive a printed User Manual and the latest version of the software on a CD, at no extra cost. It will be shipped to you via regular mail.
Version 2.7.1