Track Employee Time Worked & Attendance

TimeCard Software

  • Quick & easy way to track employee time worked and attendance
  • You enter employees start & stop times, the software does the rest
  • Shortcuts to make data entry fast
  • Use your own overtime policies, benefit policies & time off reasons
  • Software tracks benefit hours earned & used for each employee
  • Optionally group employees by department and/or position
  • Built-in backup and restore routines
  • Optional import/export data wizards
  • Reports for hours worked, time off taken, benefit balances & more
  • Runs on Windows™ 7 & Vista, Windows™ XP & 2000

TimeCard is the ultimate solution for keeping track of time and attendance. You need a reliable time tracking solution to help you manage hours, overtime, and benefits. TimeCard will do all that, and make it all easy.

You enter employee hours, TimeCard does the rest. With TimeCard, entering each employee's times in and out is quick and simple. Once employee times are entered, TimeCard instantly calculates the number or regular hours and overtime hours employees have worked, tracks benefit hours employees have earned and used, and can even show gross wage calculations.

Your business, your rules. TimeCard is written to work for you, however you do things. Setup your own overtime policies. Use your own benefit policies. And TimeCard has extensive screens to set your overall preferences. You decide how to display and enter hours (tenths of an hour, hours & minutes, etc.), how to adjust time worked (nearest 5 minutes, quarter hours, etc.). You choose your own shortcut keys, how to best enter data, start days, and more.

Have one person or many people do time card entry. You can use TimeCard on only one computer, or on many computers. You can have only one user per computer, or multiple users.

For installing TimeCard on multiple computers, please see the Price/Buy TimeCard information page.

TimeCard has excellent reports available:

  • Hours Worked  Regular hours, overtime hours, other hours and total hours worked for each employee, in detail and summary formats
  • Time Off Taken  Time off reason, date, and number of hours taken for each employee, in detail and summary formats
  • Benefit Balances   Exactly how many benefit hours each employee has earned, taken, and how many hours remain for each benefit you track
  • Time Card List  Entered timecard information for an employee
  • Employee Information  List of employee information entered in the software
  • Departments  List of your departments
  • Time Off Reasons  List of your time off reasons


Two versions of TimeCard: Standard & Plus. With TimeCard Standard, use your own time off reasons, your own benefits policies, multiple users, flexible reporting periods, and more.

TimeCard Plus includes everything in TimeCard Standard, plus up to 4 sets of punch in/out times, multiple overtime policies, shift indicators, wage differentials for shifts, user defined fields, and more. Compare Standard & Plus Versions

Help when you need it. Although the software is straight-forward and intuitive, sometimes a person needs a little hand.

  • To help you get started, there is a Quick Start Tutorial on the website and in the DocsToBox Help file.
  • This website also has a list of Frequently Asked Questions, which includes detailed examples for setting up your benefits and leave policies.
  • The software includes a comprehensive Help file written in plain English.
  • You will be sent a printed Users Manual after you purchase DocsToBox.
  • Technical Support is available via email, telephone and fax.

Try TimeCard Software for free. Download the trial version and you can start using TimeCard software in your business today. You will have unlimited use of the software for 45 days, at no charge. You can purchase the software whenever you like, and any data you entered during the trial period will stay available.

TimeCard Purchase methods. To buy TimeCard and unlock the trial version right away, you can buy now with a credit card. Or, if you prefer, you can buy DocsToBox via mail, phone or FAX. For more information, please see Price/Buy TimeCard.