Storage Box & Archival Document Tracking

DocsToBox Software

  • Easily track the location of every document, folder and box in storage
  • Powerful search capabilities to quickly find any item in storage
  • Optionally group files and/or boxes together into categories
  • Allow different users to access data in read-only or edit-update mode
  • Know dates that items were stored
  • Track dates of items scheduled for destruction & items destroyed
  • Track each item checked in/out of storage & who checked them in/out
  • Print labels for folders & boxes
  • Print standard & custom reports
  • Runs on Windows™ 7 & Vista, Windows™ XP & 2000

Locating file folders in storage is fast and easy with DocsToBox. Imagine just how simple archived document retrieval will be when you know exactly where to look - for instance, DocsToBox will never forget that Invoices O-R are stored on basement shelf 2!

Flexible, powerful searches to quickly find what you're looking for. DocsToBox includes an easy to use search facility that allows you to quickly locate not only which storage box a file folder is stored in, but also where that box is located.

Group items into document types (categories) for easier tracking. Customizable document types not only help define the contents of each file folder, but also how long those documents need to be retained before they can be destroyed. This is an optional, but powerful feature.

Print labels for your files & boxes in a variety of sizes and formats. Print easy to read labels for your storage boxes and file folders using DocsToBox. The software supports both 8.5"x11" and A4 page size labels, with easy-to-use add-ins for different label formats. You can also choose what data is printed.

Import your own data for labels. Organizing your files for storage is easier than ever with a data import wizard that allows you you to load Customer, Vendor & Employee Names, or any other list you might use when labeling folders.

Print a variety of customizable reports. DocsToBox software includes reports for:

  • Box Location
  • Box Contents
  • Box Destruction
  • Box Check Out/In History
  • File Folders
  • Label Names

Each of these reports are customizeable, so you can include (or exclude) whatever data you choose to see on your reports.


Different users, different levels of access. You can run DocsToBox on just one computer, or on multiple computers. Different users can have different levels of access, either read-only mode or update (full) access.

For installing DocsToBox on multiple computers, please see the Price/Buy DocsToBox information page.

Help when you need it. Although the software is straight-forward and intuitive, sometimes a person needs a little hand.

  • To help you get started, there is a Quick Start Tutorial on the website and in the DocsToBox Help file.
  • This website also has a list of Frequently Asked Questions, which includes detailed examples for setting up your benefits and leave policies.
  • The software includes a comprehensive Help file written in plain English.
  • You will be sent a printed Users Manual after you purchase DocsToBox.
  • Technical Support is available via email, telephone and fax.

Try DocsToBox Software for free. Download the trial version and you can start using DocsToBox software in your business today. You will have unlimited use of the software for 45 days, at no charge. You can purchase the software whenever you like, and any data you entered during the trial period will stay available.

DocsToBox Purchase methods. To buy DocsToBox and unlock the trial version right away, you can buy now with a credit card. Or, if you prefer, you can buy DocsToBox via mail, phone or FAX. For more information, please see Price/Buy DocsToBox.